Does my cabana come with all the required tools to assemble it?

Yes it does.  All tools and hardware needed to assemble are included in the box.

Does my all season cabana have a lighting system?

Yes it does.  The cabana lighting system holds 3 light bulbs (light bulbs not included). It has 2 switches. One switch turns on a single bulb and the second switch turns on two light bulbs.

How do I assemble my cabana?

If you have questions on installation please watch the 3 videos we have to guide you, you can find the instructional videos HERE.  Each cabana also comes with an assembly manual.  Please follow all directions to ensure proper installation is completed.

Does the all season cabana have spare parts available?

Yes it does.  We keep spare parts on hand at all times at all our warehouses.  No matter what you need we can get it to you fast. You can find a selection of some of the major spare parts HERE.

when are the summer accessories going to become available?

We have a full summer accessory section available on this website. You can view a selection of them HERE.

Can the cabana be heated?

Yes they can be heated.  In milder climate areas a simple 120V 1500 watt heater will keep it warm inside. In colder temperatures we have used small gas powered heaters with tube that feeds the hot air inside under the PVC cover and the exhaust is 100% outside.  Buyers will need to check with local code enforcement to ensure what you doing is allowed in your area.

How does my order get delivered?

Your order will be delivered by EFW a nationwide freight forwarder.  Once you place your order you will be notified by email that we have received your order.  EFW will provide full online tracking of your shipment and will call or txt the day before scheduled delivery.

I want to talk to some one about my order.

Please call us @ (907) 931-4477 or live chat using our customer service chat during standard business hours: 10am – 6pm PST.

Who do I contact about my additional questions?

Please call us @ (907) 931-4477 live chat using our customer service chat during standard business hours: 10am – 6pm PST. During non-business hours please email us at